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Theatre lesson with neative speaker

 Today on our lessons Mr. Shepherd concluded our work since this month. He thanked some persons for overcoming fear.  We sapearated in to groups and leaders of groups need to take random paper. On paper was one world describing the topic of act for each group. Later everyone was thinking about plot of theirs act. After one hour every group described their ideas. at the and we danced.
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Last day with our native

Last day with native speaker Shepherd   We welcomed our native Shepherd with breakfast. Beacon with eggs, baguette and  croissant. We served it on a beautiful plate.  Today was the last day with our native speaker. He was telling everyone of us what he had learned from us and how grateful he is that he met us.   Then all of the group leaders had to pick a card with words on it. for e xample we picked pharmacy and gun. So we came up with the idea of ​​pharmacy robbery. Others groups also had great ideas. We're going to continue working on our projects on May when he'll be back in Poland.  At the end of today we had a small just Dance party.  I'm going to miss this classes and I hope that Shepherd will come bach in May .
For our last day with him, Shepard thanked us and told us everything he had learned from us and everything he had hoped to teach us.  After that we acted out and told stories after choosing key words.  The purpose of this excersise was to further our ability to speak publicly and improve our confidence with speaking english

Dance and theatre day in Waldorf School

Just Dance and improvisation exercises with our native speaker Shepherd    Today we had such an amazing day! When we came to class we saw our native - Shepherd, with opened Just Dance clips on his computer. At first I thought " O MY GOD, NO! IT'S GONNA BE SO EMBARRASSING. I'M DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO DANCE". But when the music came I couldn't resist. At first I was very careful. In my mind I was thinking about what others think. But after some time I forgot about this and simply started having so much fun! It was the best feeling! Everyone who were dancing were so happy!    Dancing was supposed to last hour, but we ended after almost two!         After dancing a few students were chosen to come in the middle of the class and do what our teacher told us to. At first we were supposed to say the word spaghetti with specific emotion - f or example excitement. After that we were walking in a circle and act like what Shepherd have said. Like when he said " late te


 todays day was very funny becuase music was good and energetic  cause we dance on the floor and dance on just dance like waka waka ehh eh,rasputim, california girls,call me maybe... and then we had to make converstations with each other in front of the whole upper class a few people had the guts to do it while others didnt but overall it was really cool espieciially when we danced lots of fun, but back to to stage thing we had to pick a person to go on stage and to do some conservations some people did some boring ones no offense but some were really funny and this day was my favourite to be honest and would do it again.

Poetry day 20.01.2023

 today we recited  poetry for 3hrs and at the end of the day we had a disco party and we had a gangster rhyme some beats and also some toasts with ham and they cost a fortnite. We had an act which in someone got shot :)))))   also when we were writing a blog and almost a whole entire zoo(1-3 graderes) came in and started screaming and runinug around the place and attacking us it was almoust like a WWII many of our foes returned to there houses in body bags  PLZ SUB TO OUR YT CHANNEL  ITS CALLED BEST BLOGGERS2137

Debate day 18.01.2023

Today we had a debate day there were 4 grups. each and one of them had 3 membars in one team and. there were two debates which in there were two teams one was for and one was against. The first debate was about gender equality. The second debate was about  eutanazia  The first debate was very controversial especialy the moment when one member of the team for said that woman are stupid especialy blonds from that point on the debate got hotter and there was no end of it so the chairman had to stop it. The side against the topic said that women are almost the same as men. And they also said that women and men are equal because they are not that different after all. The debate was won by the side against the topic  The second debate was about eutanazia there were some good arguments from bouth sides   topic was : eutanzaia should be legal    the side against was being asked alot of questions on the other hand the side. The other team  was asked only 3 questions this debate was longer then